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The Healing Ground a place for healers, readers, those looking for healing, and those looking to grow, a place for you! A local family-owned and operated Metaphysical store outside of downtown Littleton. Operated by Veronica LightningHorse, a licensed Time Line Therapist*, NLP, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Worker, who not only deals with the science behind healing but also the spirituality aspect as well. We carry supplies for all your metaphysical needs. Our knowledgeable healing facilitators are available to assist you with our selection of crystals, jewelry, candles, books, incense, tarot and oracle cards, unique and one of a kind decor, and giftable items. Our collection of products is designed to guide you on your life's journey. Visit our apothecary for a wide selection of essential oils including specialty rollerball blends and herbs. Our intuitive psychic and intuitive numerologist are available for readings to provide clarity. Our knowledgeable healers use multiple techniques including NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, crystal, vibration, and sound therapy to help you release blockages and trauma allowing you to live a more positive life.


Veronica Lightning Horse Perez


Veronica Lightning Horse Perez is a practicing Specialized Therapist, Healer, Entrepreneur, Clergy Member, Medicine Person,Speaker,Author, Wife, Mother of five and an activist in Native, Veteran, Water and Psychedelic Rights. She served as co-chief proponent for the Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022 (Prop 122) owns and operates Lightning Horse The Healing Ground a metaphysical Wellness Center and is Founder of The Healing Ground Church which is fostering respect,Reciprocity and good spiritual practices in the community, especially when using plant medicines as a healing tool. Having a personal history trauma leading to Complex PTSD she has made it her mission to support others in choosing to turn their Pain into Power, and create choice through awareness wherever she can. For the past 10 years she has supported many struggling with PTSD and other disabling conditions on their path not only to recovery but to Freedom and looks forward to expanding that service. She  believes all healing must come from within and that our history does not define us. That Love and Respect for ourselves is Paramount, so that we as a species can respect each other and respect the incredible Planet we are all a part of.



I am a left-brain psychic and intuitive numerologist, I have been guiding others to find their highest expression of their own life for over twenty years. My method uses a combination of Numerology and Destiny Cards (a standard playing card deck) to begin your reading and access the guidance of your own highest self, or your angels or guides to give you the information that you need to hear at this moment in time. This information can include guidance about relationships, career, family, money, health or spiritual direction. My focus is to always empower you to move forward in a positive way, and to understand that you are in charge of your life




As a Healing Facilitator, my approach is focused on encouraging connection and nurturing, all while trusting my own intuition and experience. I'm a mother of three and grandmother of four, and I bring the same loving energy I use with my family into all of my work. My background as a Montessori educator has also given me additional tools to be attentive and responsive to each individual's needs. And, of course, a good sense of humor always helps create a warm and welcoming environment.


Genevieve Faye


As a natural born healer, tarot reader and intuitive, I have honed and cultivated my abilities throughout my life. With my motherly instincts and nurturing touch, I have a passion for guiding those who seek healing and enlightenment. As a trauma survivor, I understand the challenges of healing and have the experience to help others work through their own journey. My love for animals and nature is just another tool I use to help others connect with themselves and the world around them. I am also versed in psychological and spiritual grounding techniques. 


Carol White Bear

My name is Carol Whitebear, and starting at 9 years old I accepted a number of gifts in order to help people along their spiritual path. In short, I am a psychic medium, I offer psychic readings, aura readings, palm readings, communication with spirits/ancestors/spirit guides. I also do house clearings and am an ordained minister. In order to help people along a spiritual path, my hope is to give people insight into their spiritual nature and ultimately raise their level of consciousness. I've been doing this professionally for 13 years and it has brought me nothing but joy to practice the healing and help people, it is my greatest joy. I cannot wait to be apart of your journey and hope to see you shortly.




As an oracle reader and intuitive healing facilitator, my ultimate goal is to help people find peace and clarity in their lives. I believe that kindness, empathy, and authenticity are key to creating a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their inner selves and connect with their truth. With a background in horticulture and a passion for cooking, I also understand the value of grounding and self-care practices. I bring this approach to my work, empowering people to tap into their own innate wisdom and healing potential.




As a healing facilitator, I am passionate about creating a safe space where people can find balance and peace in their lives. I use my intuition to guide me and incorporate creative techniques to help individuals uncover their deepest truths. Whether you're struggling with physical pain, emotional trauma, or just need some clarity on your life path, I am here to help you find the tools you need to heal and move forward.




I am a natural-born healer, artist, entrepreneur, and explorer of the divine. I have spent my life accumulating knowledge and skills in different areas of healing, from astrology and numerology to crystal and medicinal healing. I have found that different methods work for different people, which is why I always approach each client with an open mind and heart. I believe in the power of shared wisdom and knowledge, which is why I enjoy helping others on their path of spiritual growth and healing. 

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L. Alexandra

When we are feeling clouded, afraid, dissatisfied, or disempowered, the cards and stars await us with their answers. Each offering a lantern of clarity on our journey out of our unsettled heads back into the heart of who we are. 
With stars and cards in hand, L. Alexandra of Wordwitcher brings a mystical approach to divination, braiding tarot and oracle cartomancy with Hellenistic and psychological astrology to tailor each reading to your needs in the moment. Combining symbolic stories with intuitive knowledge and traditional interpretations of celestial transits and a variety of decks, L. Alexandra’s readings can shine a light upon the fullness of your inquiry and the influences that lie hidden from your sight. Within your reading, L works with you to:
* Discuss what key questions will lead to the most revealing answers
* Uncover the root of problems & how to create meaningful change
* Identify selves, beliefs & patterns blocking you from making your goals a reality 
* Discover your own strengths, potential & hidden qualities
* Connect with wisdom from guides, helping spirits, well ancestors & your soul’s knowing
* Explore concrete, but adaptable actions to take following the reading
* And otherwise co-create meaning to untangle & enhance your life
L. Alexandra has practiced tarot and oracle for over 15 years and works with energy-body, ancestral, shadow-work, archetypal, and animistic practices from the Last Mask Center lineage of Shamanic Healing. With a background in modern as well as traditional tropical Astrology, in addition to Communication, Psychology, Greek Philosophy, and Literary Analysis, L translates the academic and esoteric into accessible and practical language. 
Ultimately, their work comes down to the magic of making meaning and each session is shaped with you to not only help you better understand your own symbolic language, but to reclaim power, self-trust, and agency in your life. Your choices are your own, but are much easier to make when you have more information to map the challenges ahead, which is what L strives to provide. Wordwitcher readings remind us of the power of story and, in doing so, open up the possibility of rewriting your personal mythos in service of your authentic truth and soul’s purpose.
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