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The Healing Ground a place for healers, readers, those looking for healing, and those looking to grow, a place for you! A local family-owned and operated Metaphysical store outside of downtown Littleton. Operated by Veronica LightningHorse, a licensed Time Line Therapist*, NLP, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Worker, who not only deals with the science behind healing but also the spirituality aspect as well. We carry supplies for all your metaphysical needs. Our knowledgeable healing facilitators are available to assist you with our selection of crystals, jewelry, candles, books, incense, tarot and oracle cards, unique and one of a kind decor, and giftable items. Our collection of products is designed to guide you on your life's journey. Visit our apothecary for a wide selection of essential oils including specialty rollerball blends and herbs. Our intuitive psychic and intuitive numerologist are available for readings to provide clarity. Our knowledgeable healers use multiple techniques including NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, crystal, vibration, and sound therapy to help you release blockages and trauma allowing you to live a more positive life.

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I am a healer that has been through the wringer. I have survived early childhood and adult abuse on several levels, homelessness, 2 near-death experiences and that’s not even half! Then at 30 I suffered a minor heart attack, and on the way to the hospital I passed a funeral at the cemetery and in that moment I realized I could not leave my now 5 children to fend for themselves and made a decision to scrap the Doctor’s death sentence (they said I wouldn’t make it to 36) and found another way.

I Found NLP and the other modalities I now practice and train others in. I got rid of my old programs of loss, worthlessness, inferiority, self-hatred, physical and mental disease. Many of which were supposedly incurable. I remade myself into someone I love deeply and am proud of.

This is why I started the Lightning Horse School of NLP and now The Healing Ground. 

It’s your it with

Pure Purpose!!







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I am a green witch who dabbles in herbology, astrology, tarot, and crystal healing. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with cool looking crystals and different rock formations. At the time, I was only interested in geology but now am interested in all things around crystals and their metaphysical properties. I am going to Metropolitan State University of Denver to get my degree in Psychology with a concentration in clinical counseling. My dream is to become a sex therapist. My spiritual "awakening" was when I was 14 and went to Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota. There I learned how to truly connect with the world around me. Native American rights is something near and dear to my heart. My goal is to create harmony with the earth and the beings that inhabit it. 





I'm a clear channel, meaning there is no place or energy system I cannot access. I've tried on many titles; medium, shaman, psychic, intuitive, healer, and even cosmic cheerleader, but clear channel fits best. I am an activist, artist, creator, and witch, and I teach Energetic Human Rights which is a psychic development course which shows my students how to access and maintain their own energy. I currently live in Colorado Springs, so any appointment is done online







I love working with the Facilitators, Healers, Readers, and new friends who venture into the store. Hearing their stories inspires me to expand our reach to help others. As a practitioner, I utilize numerous techniques including sound, vibration, energetic frequencies, and crystals to clear energetic blockages, clear negative emotions, break negative patterns and help clients vibe with intention.  My creative side loves to design jewelry including wire wrapped pieces and intention bracelets. 


NLP - Time Line® Therapy - Hypnosis - Certified Crystal Master - Certified Soul Shift Healer - Certified Elemental Healer - Certified Crystal Master





I am a left-brain psychic and intuitive numerologist, I have been guiding others to find their highest expression of their own life for over twenty years. My method uses a combination of Numerology and Destiny Cards (a standard playing card deck) to begin your reading and access the guidance of your own highest self, or your angels or guides to give you the information that you need to hear at this moment in time. This information can include guidance about relationships, career, family, money, health or spiritual direction. My focus is to always empower you to move forward in a positive way, and to understand that you are in charge of your life








Mindfulness Meditation 





When I was younger I was brought up Christian, unfortunately, I was brought up in some of the toxicity of the faith - the fear of the afterlife and god. Pretty early on I knew Christianity wasn't for me, and at the time I didn't think there was a path for me until my mother introduced me to the magickal world of paganism. The moment witches and magick were brought to my attention, I knew I had found my calling. I've been a practicing witch ever since and I couldn't be happier. My goal is to help aspiring witches and pagans find their footing along this path and to lend a helping hand. 

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My name is Carol Whitebear, and starting at 9 years old I accepted a number of gifts in order to help people along their spiritual path. In short, I am a psychic medium, I offer psychic readings, aura readings, palm readings, communication with spirits/ancestors/spirit guides. In order to help people along a spiritual path, my hope is to give people insight into their spiritual nature and ultimately raise their level of consciousness. I've been doing this professionally for 13 years and it has brought me nothing but joy to practice the healing and help people, it is my greatest joy. I cannot wait to be apart of your journey and hope to see you shortly.






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