Lightning Horse Healing Ground is just what it says, a place for healers, readers, and practitioners of all types and modalities. Family owned and operated by Veronica LightningHorse, a licensed Time Line Therapist*, NLP, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker, who not only deals with the science behind healing but also the spirituality aspect as well. As of August 2019 we transitioned away from Spellbound, and onto new adventures with our family at The Healing Ground.




I am a healer that has been through the wringer. I have survived early childhood and adult abuse on several levels, homelessness, 2 near-death experiences and that’s not even half! Then at 30 I suffered a minor heart attack, and on the way to the hospital I passed a funeral at the cemetery and in that moment I realized I could not leave my now 5 children to fend for themselves and made a decision to scrap the Doctor’s death sentence (they said I wouldn’t make it to 36) and found another way.

I Found NLP and the other modalities I now practice and train others in. I got rid of my old programs of loss, worthlessness, inferiority, self-hatred, physical and mental disease. Many of which were supposedly incurable. I remade myself into someone I love deeply and am proud of.

This is why I started the Lightning Horse School of NLP and now The Healing Ground. 

It’s your life...live it with

Pure Purpose!!




I am a left-brain psychic and intuitive numerologist, I have been guiding others to find their highest expression of their own life for over twenty years. My method uses a combination of Numerology and Destiny Cards (a standard playing card deck) to begin your reading and access the guidance of your own highest self, or your angels or guides to give you the information that you need to hear at this moment in time. This information can include guidance about relationships, career, family, money, health or spiritual direction. My focus is to always empower you to move forward in a positive way, and to understand that you are in charge of your lif

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Dr. Debra



I've been a chiropractor for 21 years, I became a chiropractor because I had daily migraines after a bad accident and I went to a chiropractor years after the accident and they were able to heal my headaches within a month, a small side effect was that it also helped the depression I was in. I decided to do Biocranal 15 years ago because my son had asthma and regular adjustments weren't helping it. Not only did Biocranal cure my son's asthma, it also healed my daughter's ADHD. During an adjustment, I'll not only heal your body, but I do intuitive healing that heals past traumas that cause issues in your life today, whether they are of this life or a previous; such as financial issues, relationship issues, and overall unhappiness or un-fulfillment. Biocranal is a gentle movement of the skull to help open up the nerves and heal many things in the body including anxiety, depression, stomach and bowel issues, blood sugar issues and blood pressure.

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My inspiration to study holistic medicine came after years of mentorship with a South American medicine man who was also in the practice of Chinese Medicine. I had numerous wellness journeys with my mentor both in the U.S. and in Peru, where I was able to be part of countless healing sessions and mindfulness practices. These journeys taught me to balance the mind through meditation, self-awareness, and helping others. As a practicing acupuncturist and wellness clinic owner, my mission is to lead my clients to a healthy life. I utilize natural healing tools to strengthen their body’s healing potential. Just like the power found in nature outside of us, the human body also has the ability to regenerate, enhance, and protect its self. As a Chinese medicine herbalist, I teach clients that when our innate healing abilities are weakened or depleted, we can use the natural world around us to support and strengthen our self-healing abilities. If you enter my practice, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you reach your optimum health.

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When I was younger I was brought up Christian, unfortunately, I was brought up in some of the toxicity of the faith - the fear of the afterlife and god. Pretty early on I knew Christianity wasn't for me, and at the time I didn't think there was a path for me until my mother introduced me to the magickal world of paganism. The moment witches and magick were brought to my attention, I knew I had found my calling. I've been a practicing witch ever since and I couldn't be happier. My goal is to help aspiring witches and pagans find their footing along this path and to lend a helping hand. 

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My name is Carol Whitebear, and starting at 9 years old I accepted a number of gifts in order to help people along their spiritual path. In short, I am a psychic medium, I offer psychic readings, aura readings, palm readings, communication with spirits/ancestors/spirit guides. In order to help people along a spiritual path, my hope is to give people insight into their spiritual nature and ultimately raise their level of consciousness. I've been doing this professionally for 13 years and it has brought me nothing but joy to practice the healing and help people, it is my greatest joy. I cannot wait to be apart of your journey and hope to see you shortly.

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I've been practicing for 8 and a half years with 6 of those years working for chiropractors. I try to be more than just a massage therapist as I give each patient the individual time and attention they deserve. I try to pay attention to details, while keeping the gates of communication open, I find exactly what my patient needs with my intuitive approach, I tailor each and every session to fit the patients needs. I have many specialties including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Emotive Reflex Method (feet), Sports Massage, Functional Movement, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Raindrop Therapy with essential oils, Pre and Post Natal, Injury Rehabilitation Range of Motion and PNF stretching and the classic Swedish massage. Think about your goals in not only your wellness, but your self-care routine, and watch out, some say I'm magic and can squeeze the envy and hurt right out of you!

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I began my marketing career at a young age when I sold Girl Scout Cookies. Yes it sounds silly, it is where I attribute my attitude of adapt and overcome when things change. I love marketing because of the excitement and curiosity it generates.  I was a Multi Market District Manager, with a team of almost 1000 representatives, instilling in them the skills to market themselves and their businesses gave them confidence in other areas of their life. I found my home at The Healing Ground late last year when I met Veronica. I love working with the Healers, Readers and meeting the friends who venture into the store. Hearing their stories inspires me to expand our reach to help others. In addition to marketing I hand make all the bath bombs. I started to make my own when I discovered I was allergic to a main ingredient. I love creating new scent combinations for different purposes such as relaxation, meditation, and healing the Chakras. I wanted to do something different with our bath bombs when I created the Chakra line.  Each bath bomb is the color of the Chakra and contains a special crystal inside. The essential oil combinations are designed to relax and help bring balance.

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I'm a clear channel, meaning there is no place or energy system I cannot access. I've tried on many titles; medium, shaman, psychic, intuitive, healer, and even cosmic cheerleader, but clear channel fits best. I am an activist, artist, creator, and witch, and I teach Energetic Human Rights which is a psychic development course which shows my students how to access and maintain their own energy. I currently live in Colorado Springs, so any appointment is done online

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I am ELOM. I am a Heart-Centered Ancient Shamanic Energy Healer and Reader. I am also a Spiritual Counselor and a  Teacher, born in TOGO (West Africa). I come from a long line of royalty, Oracles, and Guardians of the sacred forest in Zowla, one of the most sacred places in TOGO. Due to an emotional experience, my divine self awoke a couple of years ago. I left my physical body and went back to the Source, the Kingdom of Light from which we all come. Eventually, after a long journey, I came back to my body, and from that moment, my vision of the world has changed. I was looking at everything as if it was the first time. I was reborn into the Light, I am awake and remember my purpose here on this planet, and the collective purpose we all share as beings of Light. I do my healings and readings from my Light Body where I am all that is and one with the source. Every single one of us in this now is walking with various Archangels, Ascended Masters and many other High-Frequency beings of the Light. Depending on where you are in your spiritual path, your Light Team Beings will become one with me and I will proceed with the Light Work that is needed.

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